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400-800m Run (sub 5 Minutes)


– Agility Ladder

– MB Twisting Partner throws (10-15′ apart)

– HS Walking/Bear Crawl/Crab walk

– Jumping Jacks/Grasshoppers


Metcon (No Measure)

3 Rounds: 30 Minutes total

0:00-3:00-400m Run(starts at 0′, 10′, 20′)

3:00-3:40 – Battle Ropes

-switch stations-

4:00-4:40 – Bike


5:00-5:40 – Sled Push


6:00-6:40 – Farmers Carry


7:00-7:40 – Slam Ball


8:00-8:40 – Hollow Body Hold

9:00-10:00 REST

Each round starts with a 400m run, then :40 work/:20 switch-rest Intervals. Start somewhere different each round

Open Gym

After Metcon you can Sauna, work on skill, extra cardio, core, stretch/Mobility. Prioritize what you need and ask coach for suggestion. Sauna or extra light cardio is always a good idea on these days.