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5′ Coaches Choice Warm Up

+ Chest Stretch

+ Shoulder Stretch


Bench Press

4 x 5

– Every 2 Minutes


1 x Max Reps at 135/95 OR 95/65 (try to get more then 10 reps)

Bench Press (4 x 5)

Bench Press (1 x Max Reps)


Metcon (Calories)

20 Minute EMOM

Odd Minutes – 25 Double Unders + 2-5 Bar Muscle Ups

Even Minutes – Max Calorie Assault Bike/Rower

**Work Strict Chin Ups if you do not have Bar Muscle Ups

** Try to fill up the bikes before rowers get used (so 8 people starting on different exercises or offsetting minutes)

*SCORE = Total Calories on bike across 10 sets

(or don’t worry about score and just get after it, try to get the same number of Calories each minute and work hard)

Accessory Work

1-arm DB Back Rows 3 x 10/10