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*2 Hard Minutes of Rowing/Running, then Switch 2 Minutes of Running/Rowing* 400m outside works if its nice

(4 Minutes of “cardio”) THEN

Coaches choice including Agility Ladder, Low Hurdle Hops, Pistol Squats (step 1 is squat with feet as close as possible, touching is best, then a foot behind the ankle), Crossover Symmetry.

Have Fun and work on some agility, explosiveness, balance, shoulder stability.


EMOM x 4 Rounds (16 Minutes)

1 – :45 Hollow Body Hold

2 – :25/:25 Side Plank Holds

3 – :30-:45 HS Hold (ACTIVE)

4 – Bottom Squat Hold (use Rig if you need too)


Metcon (3 Rounds for calories)

Machine Sprints :30 Max Calories, Rest as needed

3 Rounds – 20 Minute Time Cap

:30 Bike

:30 Ski Erg

:30 Rower

1 Sled Sprint down and back w/ light weight

Score is total calories from 3 machines each round, add them up. Round 1 = bike + ski + Row (:90 work)


Stretch and Mobilize anything that is tricky for you to prepare for the unknown of 18.3!!