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5′ Coaches Choice quick


– :30 Yoga Shoulder Opener Each side

– :30 Old school arm across the front in Saddle(quad/ankle) pose Each side


5 Supersets Every 3 Minutes:

1: 8/8 DB Back Rows

2: 5-15 Plyo Push Ups from Knees

*Don’t worry about recording anything here, just choose a challenging weight/rep count for today. Challenge position but don’t let the weight/reps change it.


Metcon (No Measure)

25′ AMRAP – Follow each other through movements

20/16 – Calorie Bike

100′ – Farmers Carry 70/53

5 – Wall Walks

10 – (1) Battle Rope slam + (1) Burpee w/ ropes

10 – (1) MB Clean + (1) Front MB Slam 20/14

20 – Seated MB Torso Twists 20/14

**While waiting for a Bike to be available either Rest OR Sled Walk OR Wall Sits/Plank Holds

**You can either move steady and get a flush or really push these moves and go for it. Either way, have fun today… it has been a tough week so far.

Cool Down/Stretch

take some time to stretch all big muscles, be ready for HSPU’s and or Burpees in 19.3

– Quads, Shoulders, Lats, Hamstrings… all the big movers