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8′ Coaches Choice


– Banded Super Front Rack :60 each side

– Banded Hip Flexor Stretch :60 each sdie


Muscle Up drills Every :90/3-5reps 1 set each drill (total time = 6-8 Minutes)

Set 1: Hollow body-Arch Kip (on rings or bar)

Set 2: Banded Hip to rings

Set 3: Banded Turnover on rings (no dip needed)

Set 4: Ring Dips

Set 5: Do 2-5 Ring Muscle Ups (warm up set for workout)


Warm up Thruster w/ Empty bar work (can do this in warm up to save time if you want)

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

2 Parts, Only score the 1st part below:

Part A = 11′ AMRAP/Ladder


Ring Muscle Ups/Bar Muscle Ups

10 Thrusters every round 95/65

*Use Strict Pull Ups + Strict Dips (bar or ring) for Ring Muscle Up Substitute, keep rep scheme the same, Ring Rows + Push Ups work also


PART B = Starting at 15:00, 10′ EMOM

1: 60 Double Unders

2: 15 Abmat Sit-Ups (10 GHD Sit-Ups)

*You can Practice DU’s here for :40 or Power Jumps, try to avoid just regular low fast singles*

* Sit-Ups should be done in less then :30

SCORE = Total Reps for Part A

Part B is just to get extra work on DU’s and some core work.

Cool Down/Stretch

Spend some time here Smashing/Stretching big muscle groups OR Mobilizing poor positions you have (we will need a good front rack tomorrow)