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Spring 2016 (No Measure)

Move with a purpose and get sweaty!

10 minutes MAX

400-600m Run (3min)

Or – 3 minute Row/Bike

Karaokee 2

Spiderman lunge w/Twist-Twist 1

RDL w/high kick 1

High skips w/ reach 2

Side shuffle 2

Knee Hug/Ankle lift 1

High kicks 1

10 scorpions-10 iron cross-10 rolling situps-10 push ups-10 lateral lunges-5 russian baby makers

At 10 minutes do :30 max rep Burpees (focus on Tight Stomach!)


1. Anchored T-Spine Mobilization 2 Minutes

2. Goblet Squat/Sumo Squat hold 2 Minutes

3. Banded Ankle 1 Minute each side


20 Minute EMOM

1. 5 Overhead Squats

2. 10 DB Bench Press

3. 15 Wall Balls 20/14

4. 10 HSPUs (strict if possible)

*Starts from Floor with OHS and choose a weight that allows you to go unbroken and reach full depth. If OHS is not an option try Front Squats or Goblet Squats

*with DB Bench use weights that allow you to not need a spotter. So a weight that is manageable and you can use a different weight each round if you want to.

*HSPUs Strict or Pike Push Ups. If you need to kip out the last few thats fine but always start and try to stay Strict.


Ab Circuit 4 Rounds:

10 Hollow Body Lifts

10 Hollow Body Rocks

10 Seconds Hollow Body Hold

*try to keep arms right next to your ears at ALL times.

Focus on pressing your lower back into the ground to maintain abdominal tension.