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If you arrive early do extra mobility if you need it.

Foam roll or lacrosse ball

Spring 2016 (No Measure)

Move with a purpose and get sweaty!

10 minutes MAX

400-600m Run (3min)

Or – 3 minute Row/Bike

Karaokee 2

Spiderman lunge w/Twist-Twist 1

RDL w/high kick 1

High skips w/ reach 2

Side shuffle 2

Knee Hug/Ankle lift 1

High kicks 1

10 scorpions-10 iron cross-10 rolling situps-10 push ups-10 lateral lunges-5 russian baby makers

At 10 minutes do :30 max rep Burpees (focus on Tight Stomach!)


6 minutes total

1. Banded Hip flexor/couch (1 minute each side)

2. Banded hamstring (1 minute each side)

3. Frog (90 seconds)


Bulgarian Split Squats 3×10 each

Alternating DB Shoulder Press 3×10 each

Metcon (Time)


400m Run

20 wall balls 20/14

10 ring dips