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Before class:

Foam roll lats 2:00 each side

Foam roll Upper Back/T-Spine 2:00

Lacrosse ball smash forearms 1:00 each side

Crossover symmetry 8 Rep Activation


10′ Coaches Choice


– Banded shoulder opener

– Yoga chest opener on floor

– Banded Hamstring


Kipping warm up (do 1-3 sets of a few reps each as needed)

– Shoulder retractions

– Push pull

– Hips to bar

– Kipping pull ups

– Bar Muscle ups

Empty barbell complex/warm up

– RDL, Press, OH Squat (3 reps each x 3 rounds)

– quick snatch burgener warm up from mid shin 3 reps each

( Straight arm pull, High Pull, Muscle snatch, power snatch)

– A few reps at workout weight (dial in touch and go)

Burpee warm up

– Sneak in a few bar facing burpees to dial in your cadence/pace/breathing pattern

Know your goal and strategize accordingly. This is a faster workout but don’t spike the HR too high too early if you don’t need too, be smart and run your race!

CrossFit Games Open 19.4 (Ages 16-54) (AMRAP – Reps)

3 rounds of:

10 snatches 95lb/65lb

12 bar-facing burpees

Then, rest 3 minutes before continuing with:

3 rounds of:

10 bar muscle-ups

12 bar-facing burpees

Time cap: 12 minutes, including 3-minute rest


Accessory Work

After workout if you have time hit some volume squats

Back Squats – 4 x 12, rest 2:00

– Think about stable bottom of every squat with NO bouncing. Control


Superset arm day:

4 x 12 DB/BB Curls

4 x 12 Bar Dips (add weight if needed)