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*10 Coaches Choice*

– MU drills (shoulders), Rowing, Burpees


Ring Muscle Ups 2 x 3 Quality Reps

(Be honest and don’t go past the step you need to work on)

Ring Muscle Up Prerequisite: 4 STRICT Pull Ups, 4 STRICT Ring Dips


1: TIGHT Kip (hollow body to Arch on Rings/Bar) Initiate with Shoulders/Chest

2: Hip to Rings (use box on low rings if Step 1 isn’t controlled well)

3: Banded Transitions (slight toe lift, hip pop, fast sit up tucking heels under butt)

4: 3 Attempts at Ring Muscle up

5:(Optional) If it is stability/Ring Dip strength do 2 x 3/3 Archers (left, Right, Push Up = 1 rep)


Metcon (Time)

Partner Endurance Row/Burpee

5 x 500m Row EACH Partner (total Row = 5K)

(do as many burpees as you can while your partner Rows)

2 Scores:

1 = Time you finish 5000m of Rowing as a Partnership

2 = TOTAL number of burpees completed as a partnership

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Max Burpees w/ Partner


5 x 5 Kipping/Butterfly Pull Ups

– Be Smart and get better at the technique here

– this is Practice to be more efficient at Dynamic Pull Ups

– As always Having 4+ Strict Pull Ups is recommended before getting dynamic for any kind of Volume/Conditioning

– ALSO, a Strict Shoulder Press at around 60%/75% of your bodyweight for Woman/Men respectively would be a good thing to have a stronger shoulder girdle.

Cool Down/Stretch

– Banded Shoulder Stretches

– Banded Hamstring

– Banded Hip Flexor Stretch