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Crossover symmetry –

10′ Coaches Choice (good dynamic full body prep)


– Front Rack Stretches :60 each side or 2:00 total

– Sumo Squat Hold w/ KB or holding Rig :60


Double Under Practice/Control (:30/:30)

– Single unders

– Power jumps

– Power jumps w/ taps

– Single, double, single, double

– Double Unders


2 Part Metcon against a 25 minute clock:

Part 1: Conditioning (10′ time cap)

Part 2: Weightlifting (under fatigue, be smart) (10′ to find Heavy Single, then 5′ EMOM 90-100% of todays best lift)

Metcon (Time)

For time:

4 Rounds

12 Thrusters 95/65

6 Bar Muscle Ups

10′ Time Cap

Metcon (Weight)

10′ To find a Heavy Squat Clean

(doesn’t have to be a PR, I want good form with a heavy challenging weight)

Squat Clean (FInd heavy single )

Metcon (Weight)

THEN take 90-100% of your best lift from the previous 10 minutes (not 2 weeks ago when you were fresh, use todays weights)

EMOM x 5 Minutes

(1) Squat Clean

Squat Clean (5 x 1)

Cool Down/Stretch

Group Stretch, everyone pick a stretch!

:30 each side/each stretch