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Before: Crossover symmetry

8′ Coaches Choice


Banded shoulder :60 both sides

Yoga Shoulder opener :60 both sides


Strict Shoulder Presses

Empty Bar work 2 x 5 (coach it up) (think emom for these two sets)


5 x 4 reps Every 90 Seconds of Strict Shoulder Press @10×1 (this means hold for 1 second at top and control it down)

Shoulder Press (5 x 4)


Metcon (Time)

For Time:


American KB Swings 70/53


(50 Double Unders each round)

12′ Time Cap

*Don’t make it a HSPU skill session, you can either use less reps if the volume is just too much, Open up each round with as many as you can then switch to a Pike Push Up, or modify the movement all together and work HSPUs after the Metcon.

*Be sure to preserve Intensity, that is why it is a 12′ time cap… Most people who truly RX this should be at most 3 sets during ANY HSPU set.

Accessory Work

Hip Extensions on GHD (coach it up)

4 x 10 Hip Extensions w/ 2 second pause at top, add weight if possible but maintain control

Cool Down/Stretch

Seated Hamstring

Yoga Shoulder opener

Calf/Achilles on wall/bumper/rig