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5 Minute Gym Runs/Body Weight (coaches lead)

3 X BB Complex

– 5 RDLs

– 5 Press and stretch (snatch Grip)

– 5 Back to Overhead Squats

Position Stretches 3 x 10

1. Squatting Quad Snatch Grip

2. Snatch Grip Overhead Stretch

3. Overhead Squat

3Part,2Part, No Pause (1-2 Reps each)

Empty Barbell (move through this quickly)

– Snatch Pull

– Snatch High Pull

– Muscle Snatch

– Power Snatch

– Squat Snatch


SNATCH 1 rep max

– If you need technique think EMOM or every 30 Seconds.

– If you want to hit a PR think EOMOM

– 15-20 Minutes


3 x 5 Touch and Go Power Snatch

– every 90 Seconds

– use a weight that allows for good movement patterns, do NOT get sloppy

Then w/ Partner

4 x 8 Banded Deadlifts

– Keep constant tension, do not go too heavy. stay tight and keep hamstrings/glutes dialed in the entire set!

super set

4 x 5+ Bench Press

Snatch (1RM)

Power Snatch (3×5)

Banded Deadlift (4 x 8)

Put weight then in box underneath put in color band

Bench Press (4 x 5+)


Sprint this Metcon think Sub 5 Minutes!!

– Scale accordingly to get the “Sprint” feel

Use GOOD movements

Keep Breathing!

Metcon (Time)


Power Cleans 135/95

Pull Ups

Accessory Work

Work through what you can:

(let your body decide volume)

Reverse Hypers

Rope Climbs

DB/BB Curls

GHD Sit-Ups/Abmat w/ DB Sit-Ups