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13 Minute Gym run/ Body weight (coaches lead)


Take Turns letting someone use the Assault bike for the 500m row. 2 Minutes shooting for 15/10+ Calories for guys/girls

Metcon (No Measure)

15 Minute AMRAP

100 Jump Ropes

500m Row

10 Gym Runs (down=1,back=2)

20 Grasshoppers (L=1,R=2)


30+ Minutes.

2-3 T-Spine Drills

2-3 Upper body mobility

2-3 Lower Body mobility


1. Foam Roll T-Spine/Anchored T-Spine

2. LB Scapula

3. Lat Smash (foam roller/super nova)

4. BB anterior Shoulder/chest smash

5. Banded Scap Twist & Chest twist

6. Banded shoulder height front rack neck stretch

7. Banded shoulder dislocates/lat stretch

8. Banded Hip Flexor

9. Banded Posterior chain floss

10. Banded Figure 4

11. Banded Supine Twist (IT Band Stretch)