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6′ Coaches Choice (sprint!)

– 3 Rds Fast: 2 Gym Runs (down, back, down, back) + 5 Burpees

(heart rate spike)

THEN Dynamic coaches choice


– Banded Super Front Rack :60/:60

– PVC on Rower :60 ~~ PVC Pass throughs and Halos :60


Handstand Push ups from floor review

– Balance Tripod w/ knees staying in contact with legs

– Balance Tripod w/ Knees off the legs

– Extend legs into Press (top of push up position)

– Fire extend legs into OH/Press (ears are by the biceps, stay hollow)

(think Push Jerk, get there fast and land extended arms and ready)


Metcon (Time)

For TIme:


Calorie Row

Lateral Bar Burpees

Thrusters 95/65

20:00 Time Cap (and start weightlifting piece at 20′)


@20:00 from beginning of Metcon Begin the following

6 sets 1.1 reps – Squat Cleans

(think every 2 minutes)

*Score= Each set will be scored as (2 sets of 1 rep) since they are drop and reset, so your best weight you successfully dropped and hit again is your best set which will be (2 sets of 1 rep). If it was touch and go it would be 1 set of 2 reps.

Squat Clean (6 x 1.1)

Accessory Work

Practice L-Sits

Use Ski Erg or DU’s to jump HR if you want to

Cool Down/Stretch

Start getting ready for 19.2, stretch anything sore or any positions you need to improve… Get ready for anything.