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*Coaches Choice 10 Minutes*

– Sling Shot, Band Pull Aparts, Spider-Man lunge w/ twists, 1-leg RDLs, Pull Up Bar Shoulder Retractions > Strict Pull Ups>Kipping Pull Ups

Right before the Barbell Cycling do the following, after Strict Pull Up work.

Quick Burgener Warm Up (4 Reps each)

– Down Up

– Elbows High/Outside

– Muscle Snatch

– Snatch Drops

– Snatch Balance

– Power Snatch From Mid-Shin


Strict Pull Up Work 4 x 5-7 Reps every 2 minutes

– If you can do 7 Unbroken Strict Pull Ups while maintaining a good posture/position then add weight each set.

– If you can NOT do strict pull ups, set up a low pull up bar/Barbell and do toenail assisted Pull Ups 5-7 Reps.

NO Bands


Barbell Cycling – Power Snatch Touch and Go’s

95/65lbs :30 Work/:60 Rest X 5 Sets

*Score each round seperate*

Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)

5 Rounds for reps

Power Snatch 95/65

:30 Work

:60 Rest

RX+ 115/75 (Should still be unbroken for :30 most rounds) DO NOT Drop and Reset.

*Stay Smooth and go for unbroken*


Metcon (Time)


C2B Pull Ups


Wall Balls 25/20

*HSPU RX is ONLY Skull matt OR Abmat between 2-25lb Green or High Temp Bumper Plates

Cool Down/Stretch

group stretch, whatever ya need!