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Down and back each

– Jog

– Karaoke

– High knees/ Butt Kicks

– Crawling Spiderman Lunge w/ a Twist

– Elevated Dragon (hip Flexor)

– 1 Leg RDL w/ High Kick

– Knee Hug/Ankle Lift

– Lateral Lunges

– Skipping/Layup Jumps

– Side Shuffles

– Quick Runs x 3


If you are planning on getting the most out of your Open workout 16.1 take it VERY easy today or opt out of this METCON and foam roll for the time of this.

3 Minute Stations: (15 Minutes)

– 30 Seconds Work/30 Seconds Rest

1. Battle Ropes

2. Rower

3. Ski Erg

4. Bike/Air Squats

5. Sled Pushes


ROMWOD Inspired:

Saddle Eagle Left (1M)

Saddle Eagle Right (1M)

Saddle Archer Left (1M) w/ strap

Saddle Archer Right (1M) w/ strap

Downward Dog (15 Sec)

Dragon Left (2M)

Low Dragon Left (2M)

Dragon Right (2M)

Low Dragon Right (2M)

Seated Straddle (3M)

Left Pigeon (2M)

Right Pigeon (2M)

Left Lizard (3M)

Right Lizard (3M)

Twisted Cross Right (1M)

Twisted Cross Left (1M)

Supine Extended Leg Left (2M)

Supine Extended Leg Right (2M)

REBOUND 1+ Minutes