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1000m Row

– 6x DUs :30 work/:30 rest

– Kipping Technique

–1: shoulder retractions

–2: hollow body – arch

–3: knee drive up

–4: hip pops

–5: kip pull ups

MB Clean Drill 2×5 alt partner

– Deadlift straight arms

– DL to shoulder Shrug

– DL, Shrug, Pull under MB, stand up


Metcon (No Measure)


800m Run w/MB 20/14

5/3 Rope Climbs

12 MB Cleans 20/14

40′ HS Walk

**modify Rope Climbs w/ climb from back to feet, or supinated grip ring rows

**modify HSWalk with 30 Shoulder/Thigh Taps

Cool Down #2 (No Measure)

– Start Butterfly, tall spine

– tuck right leg back(Z position), right hand thumbs down grab right ankle and lean away on the left hand/elbow, stretch neck away from right side, and press into right quad with the left foot

– left leg out straight (hurdler stretch), flex foot rotate out and reach right hand on ground past the foot

– left leg front pigeon stretch, right foot point toes in twisting right hip in, and reach hands as far forward as possible, then both hands stretch straight up to ceiling if you can, lean left/right, arms wide open and twist left/right

Repeat on the other side