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Coaches Choice 10 Minutes – 1RM Snatch day!!

– OH Squat Position/ OH position


10 minutes?

Coach up Squat Snatch


20 Minutes to find Squat Snatch 1RM


Practice Squat Snatch as many quality reps as you can, focus on Quality if you are not ready to “test” your 1Rep Max

Squat Snatch (1RM)


16 Minute EMOM

1 – Strict C2B Pull Ups (5+ reps)

2 – Strict Ring Dips (5+ reps)

3 – Strict Ring Rows (5+)

4 – Strict HSPUs (5+ reps)

Work on your gymnastics foundation here, if you can’t complete the strict movements well then you’re pretending with the kipping. Focus on good quality positions and get stronger with your body weight!!

Cash Out

3 Rounds:

Sled Sprint down and back

GHD Sit-Ups or V-Ups

Cool Down/Stretch