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Foam roll/Mobility anything you want before class.

A full class so be ready to move from piece to piece, doing new stuff, practicing skills, and a fun partner sprint/interval workout!

8′ Coaches Choice


Plyo Circuit


Plyometric Circuit – 4 stations, :45 work/:15 Transition (3 round = 12 Minutes total time)

1: Ladder Drills (2 feet Laterally or Icky Shuffle, think quick feet)

2: PVC/Low Hurdles (goal is to rebound every jump)

3: Plate Runs (on and off the plate 10x with left foot leading, then switch… switch every 10 until time to switch drills)

4: Bench Lateral Jumps (hold body up with arms then spring your feet laterally over the bench, continue back and forth the whole time)


KIPPING (Pull Ups/T2b/Muscle Ups)

– Shoulder Retractions (2 x 5 reps)

– Static holds Hollow Body/Arch (2 x 3 reps each)

– Push Pull with Pause at each position (2 x 5)

– Controlled Push pull (2 x 5)


Metcon (Time)

PARTNER Interval workout w/ 20′ time cap

8 Rounds each switching each round:

15/12 Calorie Row

5 Burpees over the Rower

*goal is for each partner to finish their round in less then :60, that gets us done around the 16′ mark. There is some built in transition time capped at 20′. Move as fast as you can, there is rest waiting for you!*

Cool Down/Stretch

Stretch it out!