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5 Gym Runs (down and back)


PVC – 3 rounds:


8/8-torso twists

8/8-leg swings

8-Good Mornings to back bend

8-Rollings sit ups to straddle

8-push ups


Ladder Drills:

4 x Lateral In-In/In-In

4 x Lateral In-In/Out-Out

4 x Icky Shuffle

4 x Hop Scotch

Low Hurdle Hops:

3 x Two Feet Hop forwards

3 x Forward Shuffle

3/3 x 1-foot hops (left/right)

3/3 x Lateral Shuffle (left/right)



1. 3 x :30 Goblet Squat Holds

– keep chest tall, weight in heels

– push knees out with elbows

– drive hips to floor, shoulders/chest to ceiling

2. Wall Squats to a MB or plates

– Stack plates so lumbar curve is not lost at bottom of squat

– keep hands up and as close together as possible w/ elbows fully extended without touching the wall

– Small sets 2-4 reps, Slow descend, controlled transition, and controlled ascend

– spend 8-10 full minutes on this, do not rush this

– WORK for better positions, this is important!!



– 25 Minutes of –

1. :30 Battle Ropes

2. :30 Sled pushes (High and Low)

– Keep weight light and keep moving.

3. :30 DU Practice (quality sets, work power jumps w/ slow rope)

4. :30 Grasshoppers

5. :30 ATYT CrossOver Symmetry (slow and controlled, light resistance band)

Cool Down/Stretch

1 Minute Each Stretch – get ready for Friday!

Choose at least 3 or ALL of them!

1. Couch

2. Kneeling Hamstring

3. Twisted Lizard/ High Dragon

4. Samson

5. Pigeon

6. Supine Extended Leg

7. Puppy Dog

8. Frog

9. Saddle

10. Low Dragon

11. Butterfly stretch

12. Seated Toe Touch, pull elbows to floor