CrossFit Nucleus, CrossFit Nucleus – CrossFit


3 Stations: 1:00 each station x 3 Rounds

– Agility Ladder (Icky Shuffle, Hop Scotch, Jump Cuts, etc..)

– Two hurdle latteral shuffle for Speed bursts (move as fast as possible laterally and stick the outside plant foot, then move back as fast as possible)

– Bike or Ski Erg


8 Reps of everything w/ PVC

– Leg swings forward and backward

– Leg swings across the front side to side

– Good Mornings

– Back Rack Torso Twists

– Passthroughs

– Halos (4 left, 4 right)

– OH Squats

– No PVC, 8/8 Split Jumps land with good posture and good position each rep


Seated Box Jumps, 5 x 3

– Start from seated position about 90 degrees at the hip & knee to start

– Use a BIG arm swing/upper cuts, keeping posture upright

– Land on box in good position, step down

– Be as explosive as possible EVERY rep

– rest as needed 1-2 Minutes


Metcon (6 Rounds for reps)

6 Rounds: (24 minutes total)

1:00 Max Rep Burpees

1:00 Max Rep Double Unders/Plate Jumps

1:00 Max Rep Abmat Sit-Ups

1:00 Rest

*Keep a constant rep count for the 3 Minutes, record each 3 Minute round separately*

Cool Down/Stretch

Stretch! Legs/Hips/Shoulders/Back All that stuff!