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15/12 Calorie Row

15 KB Swings Russian 50/35

10 Push Ups

5 Rolling Sit-Ups

5 Band Pull Aparts w/ 3 second hold


Snatch Position Stretches 3 x :10

– Snatch Grip Squatting quad

– Snatch Grip OH Lockout

– Snatch Grip OH Squat Hold

Burgener Warm Up (5 reps each)

– Down – Up

– Elbows High and Outside

– Muscle Snatch

– Snatch Drops

– Snatch Grip Push Jerk (land in power position)

– High Hang Power Snatch (land in power position, butt back, weight in heels)


4 Super Sets:

1: 7 Hang Power Snatch

2: 8+ Strict Pull Ups (Use bands/partner as needed)

– The Pull Up Goal is 8 Unbroken Reps, do not let go of bar or disconnect. We want Increased time under tension for 8 Full Reps!

– Every 3:00

Hang Power Snatch (4 x 7)

Pull-ups (4 x 8+)


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


15 HSPUs

30/25 Calorie Row

*Pike/DB Seated Shoulder Press

Cool Down/Stretch

Cool Down #1 (No Measure)

Cool Down #1

– Butterfly, Stretch spine as high as you can pressing knees towards floor. (DEAD BUG Spine)

– Grab Right foot with left hand thumb facing down and extend twisting to the right with right hand and looking over the right shoulder

– Twist shoulders to left, reach under left hand with right hand and grab left knee

– Hug Left knee then place left foot on floor over right leg at knee, twist to left pushing the left knee with right elbow looking over the left shoulder

– Double Pigeon with left leg on top, twisting to right pushing left knee with left hand looking over right shoulder

(do the same thing to the other side)

I know it is wordy but just go through it word by word…. i’m sure we can figure it out

(Take 4 DEEP Breathes each hold and try to go a little deeper each exhale!)