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Coaches Lead Dynamic Traveling Warm up. W/ Agility ladder in the mix for 8-10 Minutes


Squat Therapy:

3 Rounds for Quality – 10-15 Minutes

:30 KB Goblet Squat

3-5 Wall Squats

:30 Puppy Dog

3/3 Downward dog to T-Spine opener


5 x 20 Second Battle Ropes

– Cycle through people in class until all have done 5 sets.

– If no need to cycle go 20 seconds work, 40 seconds rest. total 5 Minutes of Class time.

5 x Down and Back Sled Push

– Cycle through people in class if no need to cycle take 30-45 seconds rest.

– Weight 90-140lbs for men, 50-100lbs for women.

– these are SPRINTS!!

Then Annie as a class + Burpees!

Metcon (Time)

Annie + Burpees – 20 Minute Cap



Abmat Sit-Ups


Scale DU’s 3 to 1.

Cool Down/Stretch

It has been a long week so choose 4-5 Stretches minimum and live in them from 1-2 minutes EACH stretch!

– Do not be lazy with stretching and recovery!!

– This will help injury prevention, speed up the flushing the soreness, creating better ROM which will make workouts easier and more efficient allowing you to get more work done quicker creating a better increase to your Fitness!!