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Primer: (go full speed, this isn’t supposed to feel good but will help for rest of day)

8 Minute AMRAP

15/10 Calorie Row

14 KB Goblet Walking Lunges 35/25

7 Burpees

5 Kips (hollow to superman, stay tight and loosen shoulders)


Once the clock starts it keeps rolling

3 x 7 Overhead Squats

4 x 3 Push Press

3 x 14 Back Rack Alternating BB Lunges (75/55 or 95/65) (not crazy heavy here, just perfect reps)

EVERY 90 SECONDS!!!! This will be moving quickly!!

This is not designed to be a PR day, just pick some challenging weights and complete all reps. This is more cardio then strength if done correctly

Overhead Squat (3 x 7)

Push Press (4×3)

Back Rack Lunge (3 x 14)


Metcon (No Measure)

20 Minute EMOM

5 stations x 4 sets

1. DB Bench Press (5-7 Reps)

2. Burpee BJ Overs (8 Reps)

3. C2B Pull Ups (10-15 Reps)

4. DU’s (40-60 Reps)

5. Rest/Spot Bench Press, get weights ready for next Bench set

Accessory Work

Glute Ham Raises 3 x 5+


Crossover Symmetry Iron Scap