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Tabata Mash Up: 3 Rounds = 7:30 (:20 Work/:10 Switch)

– Agility Ladder (icky shuffle)

– Lateral Hurdle Hops (2 feet)

– Plate Runs

– Band Pull Aparts

– Burpees


Last Chance, so lets get upside down and get some Handstand walking in our tool box!!

Handstand Walk – Even after we don’t do this on Thursday you can still practice most of these drills, even at home. Only use the ones you are comfortable with!

Hand Stand Walk/Progressions (week 3 of 3+)

10-15 Minutes

(Doing Cartwheels also help grasp understanding of loading your body weight on your hands upside down, use as needed)

3 x Wall Climb to 10 Shoulder taps/Hand lifts

3 x Kick Up to wall, hands a bit further away each time

– Learn Tuck and Roll and how to kick up and Safely exit a failed walk –

2 x 20-40 Feet Partner Assisted HS Walk

4 x Best attempt at HS Walk, OR Around the world on Box


Game Day!!! Lets have some fun, This is literally a great workout and so much fun!!

MB Tennis – 2 courts 24″ boxes, Use 10-14lb ball

– If there are big classes cycle out who loses the point each time up to 5 Points.

– If you win 5 points in a row then you cycle out for a rest as well

– If classes are small then play mini games to 3-5 points, with little breaks after.

Cool Down/Stretch

Stretch everything, maybe hang out in the Sauna for 10 minutes or so!