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Sling Shot + BB Complex Warm Up (No Measure)

2 Rounds as a class:

2:00 Gym Runs (get loose)

1:00 Sling Shot Lateral Steps

1:00 to complete the following BB Complex/6 reps of everything

– RDLs, High Pull

– Hang Clean and Press, Thrusters

– Bent over Back Rows, Back Squats


Power Clean Technique – 10lb bumpers each side (5-6 Minutes)

3Part Pause, 2 Part Pause, NO Pause (3,2,1 Reps each movement)

– Straight arm pull

– High Pull

– Power Clean (focus on receiving position just as much!)


15′ to build/find a Heavy 1 Rep Max for the day, Power Clean

Power Clean (Heavy 1 Rep)


Metcon (Weight)

10′ EMOM

2 Power Cleans (80% of TODAYS heaviest successful lift)

20 Double Unders

*RX+ = 3 Power Cleans (they HAVE to be touch and go, NO drop and resets)

Accessory Work

Jacked Street!!


5 sets 10 Reps – DB Hammer Curls

5 sets 10 Reps – DB Skull Crushers


4 sets 10 Reps – Prone Reverse Snow Angles (2.5lbs each hand)

4 sets 15 Reps – V- Ups

Cool Down/Stretch