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4′ Foam Roll Quads/Hip Flexors (2′ each leg)


8′ Coaches Choice

– Then –


– Banded Hamstring Floss 1′ each side


Super Set: 5 sets

(3) Hang Snatch Pull from Mid-Thigh

– Focus on contact of bar at hips

(3-5) Strict Pull Ups

– add weight if you need to challenge yourself for 5 reps

– Do first set with no weight max Reps (record below), then if you get more then 5 reps keep adding weight but stop at 5 reps after first set. So first set will be max reps, after that will be weighted reps stopping at 5 reps.

Snatch Pull (5 x 3 from hang)

Strict Pull Ups (5 x 3-5)

strict pull ups

Strict Weighted Pull Ups (5 x 3-5)

Strict Weighted Pronated Grip Pull Ups


Cool Down/Stretch

:45-:60 each Stretch

– Z Stretch, Hurdler, Pigeon, Cobra

– Repeat other side

Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds For Time:

12 T2B/V-Ups

10 Alternating DB Snatches 50/35

8 One Arm DB Thrusters 50/35, 4 each arm