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500m Row


Sling Shot (wide stance, stay on train tracks, lead with heel) 10 F/B/L/R

20 Jump Lunges


Dead Bug 2 x :30


2 x :30 KB Squat Holds/:30 Rest


2-3 Warm Up Sets in 4 Minutes


-Every 2 Minutes

15 Minutes total time here, get moving through the warm up

Back Squat (5×5)


3 x Max Reps (Shoulder Retraction + Strict Pull Up)

– Shoot for 5 reps for first set at least

– partner assist if you need help, or stick with shoulder retractions

– Make sure shoulders stay Retracted the Entire rep, do not compromise position/posture

– Negatives are fine think 3-5 Reps as slow as possible

Pull-ups (3 x Max Reps)


3 Chances to go max effort for 3 Minutes, the only way this works is if you go full speed from the start. DO NOT game this workout GO FAST!!!! Push past the redline and try to survive, it is only 3 Minutes

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

3 Rounds:


20 Wall Balls 25/20

15 Burpees

5 Bar MU’s(10 C2B/PU/RingRows)

REST 2:00

Total Time 15:00

Cool Down/Stretch

Cool Down #1 (No Measure)

Cool Down #1

– Butterfly, Stretch spine as high as you can pressing knees towards floor. (DEAD BUG Spine)

– Grab Right foot with left hand thumb facing down and extend twisting to the right with right hand and looking over the right shoulder

– Twist shoulders to left, reach under left hand with right hand and grab left knee

– Hug Left knee then place left foot on floor over right leg at knee, twist to left pushing the left knee with right elbow looking over the left shoulder

– Double Pigeon with left leg on top, twisting to right pushing left knee with left hand looking over right shoulder

(do the same thing to the other side)

I know it is wordy but just go through it word by word…. i’m sure we can figure it out

(Take 4 DEEP Breathes each hold and try to go a little deeper each exhale!)