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Crossover Symmetry before class if you can!

5-6′ Coaches choice – get shoulders ready for pull ups

SKILL WORK – Kipping (pull up Progression)


Kipping – Kipping Pull up Progressions

* We want to have upwards of 5/3+ STRICT Pull Ups before we utilize kipping for conditioning to make sure your shoulder girdle is strong enough to handle the dynamic impact of kipping for conditioning.

*The KIP – is initiated and CONTROLLED by the upper body.

Lets see if we can hit some static/holding positions in the beginning of the kip.

1: 2 x 5 Shoulder retractions with a 2 second hold at top

2: 2 x 3 Static holds Open shoulder in the Arc Position (hold for 1-2 seconds each hold) (pulling under the bar and holding, feet together, butt squeezed)

3: 2 x 3 Static holds Closed shoulder in Hollow body position (hold for 1-2 seconds each hold) (pushing the bar away, feet together, stomach firing)

4: 2 x 3 Push-Pull on bar hitting each static position and holding for a heart beat

5: 2 x 3 Push-Pull, no pauses but Maintaining control

– Thats it – Just working on the cleaning up the beginning pieces of the Kip. Not looking for a full kipping pull up today in this.


Bench Press – 1 Empty bar rep focusing on PERFECT reps, coaching points and then 2 ramp up/warm up sets

– RX Goal is to Guys put your body weight on the bar, girls put 70% on the bar – If you have to scale to get at least 3 reps please do so.


3 sets Max Reps with 100%/70% BW, Every 3 minutes

– Use spotter, and have them pick the bar off your chest/ looking for failure here but keep a spotter at ALL times –

Bench Press (3 x Max Reps BW/70%BW)


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

30′ AMRAP w/ Partner (switch whenever)


1000m Row

50 Thrusters 45/35

30 Pull Ups

*Every 100m = 1 Rep

Cool Down/Stretch

Chest Stretch (Yoga opener)

Lat Stretch (puppy dog/use rig or bands)

Couch Stretch