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Crossover Symmetry (7 rep activation) before class if possible

8′ Coaches choice

– Include band pull aparts if no one is able to get crossover symmetry in

MOBILITY – Overhead position

– t-spine foam roll 2:00

– Puppy dog stretch 1:00/ and :30/:30 Yoga shoulder opener with a slightly bent elbow


Strict Shoulder Press – Coach it up

– Set up, Execution, Common faults

2 ramp up sets (first one empty bar w/ big focus on finish position)

4 x 7, Every 2 Minutes

Shoulder Press (4 x 7)


Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds:

5 Ring Muscle Ups

8 Alternating DB Snatches 70/50

11 Defecit HSPUs 45’s/25’s

* If you drop a DB it is a NO REP, control them back down to the floor so they do not bounce around. We are replacing DB’s but dropping them has beat up the old ones pretty bad so lets keep the new ones alive longer!! If you cant control it down decently then go down in weight a little bit.

* HSPU’s use blue and green plates with skull mat for RX, or scale accordingly. Use Push Press at moderate weight if HSPUs are not possible.

Cool Down/Stretch

All the banded Shoulder stretches you can think of!

Plus, Banded hamstring on rig