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10′ Clock

Run 800m


Dynamic movement improv

– we will all be on different times from the run so just run through our regular dynamic stuff picking the ones you like most

– Just keep moving and get sweaty


Don’t pace this one too much, go faster then you want to out the gate and go for bigger sets of Muscle Ups then you’re used to. There is a decent enough break/recovery period with the runs to get big sets of MU’s. Lets see what you’re made of here!!

Metcon (Time)

For Time:

600m Run

15 Muscle Ups Ring/Bar

400m Run

10 Muscle Ups Ring/Bar

200m Run

5 Muscle Ups Ring/Bar

Accessory Work

Heavy Sled Push: 3 attempts for “AsHeavyAsPossible for time” – 2 scores Weight & Time

– Down, back, Down

– Try to keep it moving the whole time, Minimal rest!

– Rest as needed

Metcon (1 Rounds for weight)

Heavy Sled Push

-Down, back, Down for time, AHAP

SCORE WEIGHT on this one!

Metcon (Time)

Heavy Sled Push

– Down, back down for time, AHAP

SCORE TIME of the heaviest attempt

Cool Down/Stretch

– arms, shoulders

– chest/lats

– calf/achilles

– hips