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10′ Dynamic Warm Up (No Measure)

10 Total Warm up minutes


2 HARD minutes on rower/Bike/SkiErg/Burpees to Pull up bar (focus on Technique)

(2) Carioca

(1) Leg Kicks

(1) Lunge With Twists

(1) High Skips

(1/1) High Knees/Butt Kicks

(1) Lateral Lunges

(1) Skipping Leg Kicks

THEN AMRAP for Remaining Time:

5 Rolling Sit Ups w/ Big Stretch

5 Downward dog to Strict Push Ups

5 Kips on Pull Up Bar

5 PVC Pass Throughs

5 PVC OH Squats

5 Strict Pull Ups/Ring Rows


Every 90 Seconds (no more then :30 work)

– Max Strict HSPUs

– Do pike push ups on box, pike push ups on floor, or Seated double KB/DB Strict Shoulder press (5-8 Reps each set)

Handstand Push-ups (6 x max reps)


Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds:

500/400m Row

20 DB Snatches 50/35

10 Burpees over the Rower

25′ Time Cap (Scale or go faster to get in the time cap)

Accessory Work


(Long Version) – Iron Scap Crossover Symmetry


(Short Version) – 3 x 15 Band Pull Aparts (As Slow As Possible, 3 second hold with arms wide end range of motion)

Cool Down/Stretch

Shooters Choice (ask coach if you don’t know)

Pick 3 Stretches and hold each one/side for :60-:90