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3 Minutes Rower/Gym Runs


3 Rds: 10 Burpees, 10 Rolling Sit Ups, 10 Push Ups

– Then-

1 leg RDL w/ High Kick

Lateral Lunges

Knee Hug/Ankle Lift

Then “SLING SHOT” warm up

(focus on keeping tension out with knees, Glutes should be burning!)

10 Forward steps angled out

10 Backward steps angled out

10 Steps to the left

10 Steps to the right

10 Air Squats


Squat Therapy:

1. 20 Second Goblet Squat holds

2. 20/20 Seconds Samson

3. 20/20 Sec Yoga Shoulder Roll

4. 3 Reps Wall Squats

Squat Mobility:

1. Banded Hamstring (on Rig)

2. Banded Supine Extended Leg

3. Banded Ankle (on Rig)


Jerk Progression/Technique:

Jerk Position Stretches 3 x 10 Seconds Each position

1. 3 x 5 Push Press w/ 2 sec Pause in Dip and OH

2. 3 x 3 Power Jerks @01×2(receiving position)

3. 6 x 1 Split Jerk EMOM @01×2(receiving position)

Use a Light to Moderate Load on bar, Nothing “Heavy” – No Missed Lifts.

– think EMOM the whole time, really focus on moving better overhead with weights through all three movement progressions.


W/ Partner Complete (in any order)

5 x Sled Pushes (Down and Back)

5 x 10 Calories Ski Erg

5 x KB Farmers Carry (Down and Back)

5 x 30 seconds Battle Ropes (FAST)

5 x 10 V-Ups (fast)

5 x 5 ATYT (Crossover Symmetry)

Cool Down/Stretch

Kneeling Hamstring

Twisted Lizard

Thread the Needle

Lat Stretch W/ Band on Rig

Shoulder Stretch w/ Band on Rig

Chest Stretch w/ Band on Rig


Foam roll/Smash everything!