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*treat this warm up with some intensity to get ready to give everything you have in the Metcon right after*

Dynamic 10 Minutes CFN (No Measure)

(Coaches Choice)

2 Hard Minutes: Row, Run, Bike, SkiErg, DU’s, Burpees, etc.

Karaokee 2

Arms Up Lunge with Twists 2

High Knees 2 (dollar every step)

High Kicks 1

Quad Stretch 1

High Skips 2

Alternating Lateral Lunge 1 (squat into forward leg and straighten back leg)

Butt Kicks 1

Side Shuffles 2

Runs 2-4

10 of Each: Iron Cross, Scorpion, Rolling Sit-Ups, Push Ups, Burpees

– Arm Circles/Crosses, Wrist circles


BB Primer/Position Stretches

:15 Each Stretch

– Squatting Quad

– Front Rack

– OH Lockout

– Front Squat


3 Rds 5 Reps Each

– Good Mornings

– Behind the neck Press & Stretch

– Thruster

– High Hang Muscle Snatch

Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds:

21 Thrusters 105/70

21 C2B Pull Ups

@15 Minutes you have 7′ to find a 2RM Touch and Go Power Snatch

Power Snatch (2RM)

Accessory Work

3 Sets Not For Time

– 12 Reverse Hypers

– 12 Band Pull Aparts w/ 2 second Pause

Cool Down/Stretch

Cool Down #2 (No Measure)

– Start Butterfly, tall spine

– tuck right leg back(Z position), right hand thumbs down grab right ankle and lean away on the left hand/elbow, stretch neck away from right side, and press into right quad with the left foot

– left leg out straight (hurdler stretch), flex foot rotate out and reach right hand on ground past the foot

– left leg front pigeon stretch, right foot point toes in twisting right hip in, and reach hands as far forward as possible, then both hands stretch straight up to ceiling if you can, lean left/right, arms wide open and twist left/right

Repeat on the other side