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5 Minutes with PVC

– leg swings

– pass throughs

– torso twist

– good mornings

– side bends

– 5 Fast Burpees


Not Maximum Intensity if this is your 4th straight day. Think 70-80% Intensity, be able to joke around and have a conversation while working out.

If this is not day 4 and you want to go max effort then go for it!

Metcon (No Measure)

25 Minute AMRAP

4 – Gym Runs (1=Down and back)

40 – DU’s (120 Single Unders)

400m Row

20 Abmat Sit-Ups


20+ Minutes of Mobility Drills.

(Coaches Choice)

1-3 T-Spine Drills

2-3 Upper Body Drills

2-3 Lower Body Drills

Trigger point work with lacrosse ball or Super nova and Foam rolling.

Add in stretching for large muscle groups if here is time.