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*10 minute Calastenics Coaches Choice*


T2B Progressions 5-6 reps each

(Shoulder Retractions, Push-pull/Hollow body-Arch, Knees to chest, t2b)

– use other drills to work it while people test their Max Rep sets


1 x Max Reps T2B

2 x 65% your Max Set

Toes-To-Bar (1 x max reps)


We need this. Sprint day again!!

Metcon (9 Rounds for time)

Sprint each machine as fast as you can and rest between rounds. Go put your score in after each round. Each round is 1 fast bout of exercise/sprint. After you finish the sprint each round, rest as needed 1:3 work:rest minimum before attacking the next Sprint! These are MAX Effort sprints, push yourself every time!

1- 20/15 Calorie Bike

2- 15/10 Calorie SkiErg

3- 20/15 Calorie Rower

4- 20/15 Calorie Bike

5- 15/10 Calorie SkiErg

6- 20/15 Calorie Rower

7- 20/15 Calorie Bike

8- 15/10 Calorie SkiErg

9- 20/15 Calorie Rower


Use a lacrosse ball, Foam roller, or band and do some mobility for a specific position.