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***If you have Strict Pull ups then do the MU Transition work, if you do not then do tempo Ring Rows 5 reps @ 3121***

EMOM x 12 Minutes

Minute 1: 30-50 Unbroken DU’s or Power Jumps

Minute 2: 3-5 MU Transitions (coaches Choice- Dip to Upper Arm Support on boxes)

Minute 3: 30-40 Second HS Hold Or Slow Bear Crawl/Crab Walk


Clean And Jerk Technique/Mobility.

Burgener Warm up: (kinda) 3 reps each

– Down Up

– Down Up, Elbows High and Out Side

– DU, EHandOS, Muscle Clean

– DU, EHandOS, Power Clean

– Power Jerk w/ 2 Second pause in receiving position.

EOMOM x 6 Sets of: (2) Power Clean + (1) Power Jerk/Split Jerk

– 12 Minutes Total

3 Rounds of 30 Seconds work/60 Seconds Rest G2OH

RX+ 185/135

RX 155/105

– Go heavy but use a weight you can comfortably move good!! Be Smart!!

(2) Power Clean + (1) Power Jerk (6 sets)

2 power cleans + 1 power jerk

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

Max reps Ground 2 Overhead

RX+ 185/135

RX 155/105


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

6 Minute Ladder

3,3,6,6,9,9,12,12,15,15, etc……

Hang Power Cleans 135/95

Burpees over the Bar

Cash Out

3 sets not for time:

10/10 Single Arm DB Back Row

10-15 Reverse Hypers

5 ATYT Crossover Symmetry

Cool Down/Stretch

Kneeling hamstring

Figure 4 on back


Twisted Lizard

High Dragon/Samson

Shoulder stretches w/ Band or

Arm across front

Threaded needle

yoga shoulder rollover

crab walk