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Crossover Symmetry before class

8’ Coaches Choice


– banded Hamstring

– Banded Front Rack


Double Unders:

– Single Unders

– Power Jumps (no Rope)

– Power Jumps double tap (no rope)

– singles… sneak in a DU, recover

– DUs unbroken

Ring Muscle Ups:

– kips on rings (hollow body/arch)

– banded hip pop to rings

– banded sit-up to support

– Strict Ring Dips

– Archers on Rings


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


1 Round of DB Complex 25/15

10 lateral Burpees over a DB

1 Round of DB Complex =

6 reps of 5 movements

– Upright Rows on toes

– RDL Muscle Snatch on toes

– Thrusters on toes

– Bent over Rows

– RDL Muscle Snatch on toes

(Try to complete the entire Complex unbroken each round, if you need rest do so between DBs and Burpees)