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3 Station Warm Up (No Measure)

15 Minutes.

1st – 5 Minutes Rower

2nd – 5 Minutes with Agility ladder, agility cones, and hurdles

3rd – 5 Minutes w/ Sling Shots and traveling warm up


20 Minutes:

Split Jerk Technique session.

Empty Bar position stretches x 3

– 10 seconds each

1st – Jerk Rack

2nd – Overhead position

3rd – Right foot forward

4th – Left foot forward

EMPTY BAR: Coach it up!

5 Strict Press

5 Push Press

5 Power Jerk

5 Split Jerks

-add a little weight

1. Dip w/ Pauses (focus on being in good positions – vertical chest, knees out, weight in heels)

2. Jerk from paused tippy toes (tall Jerk) w/ Pause in receiving position.

3. Put it all together, add weight as necessary but nothing heavy enough to not allow for PERFECT form! Focus on a good receiving position! (get low w/ a solid base and active shoulder)


Treat this as either Active Recovery or Go Hard and get everything you can get out of it!! Decide on how your body feels!

20 Minute AMRAP

15 Slam Balls

1/1 Turkish Get Ups

– (or 10/10 1 Arm KB Swings)

10 Burpees

50/30 DU’s (goal is Unbroken)

2 Rope Climbs

50′ Farmers Carry

60 Seconds Battle Ropes

Cool Down/Stretch